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Procedure name Time Cost
Comprehensive rapid recovery of the body.  Identification and elimination of various functional disorders, formed as a result of children’s and birth injury. Removing a stress and negative programming. Correction of energy imbalances of the past, the disclosure of internal capacity and the formation of energy stability for the future.   90-120 min   50.000 RUB
Video-computer diagnostics and psycho-correction of the functional state of human. Increasing of grade for human psychological security of vital shocks and illnesses. Psychophysiological adaptation to business negotiations and conducting of transactions   30-60 min   25.000 RUB
Primary visit, consultation, selection of individual courses. The consultations will be available:
- the color- and light therapy with using the apparatus BIOPTRON (Zepter, Switzerland)
- the application of the apparatus Mellon (Russia) and AKVATON (Russia)
- overall health
  15 min   10.000 RUB
  30 min   15.000 RUB
For those who wants: the opportunity of visiting to a medical professional to test and
maintain the achieved effect of the treatment (1 per month during 6 months
after the course)
15-20 min 10% of the cost of the program
A single visit to a medical professional   15 min   10.000 RUB
  30 min   15.000 RUB
  45 min   20.000 RUB
  60 min   25.000 RUB
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